The White Shark Trust is only as strong as its voice, and we are setting up a network of conservation minded representatives around the world to educate people about Sharks, promote the conservation and protection of Sharks, create links and partnerships with organisations, and raise funding and sponsorship to conduct research, conservation and education projects.

We are very proud to introduce the White Shark Trust representatives as members of the Awareness Team:

Name: Christian Florescu

Region: UK

D.O.B: 30 July 1972

Origin: London, England


Hobbies / Interests: Reading, Sport, Music, Movies

Favourite city: Los Angeles

Favourite country: South Africa

Favourite ocean: Pacific

Favourite animal: White Shark

Favourite food: Indian

Favourite film: Carlitos Way

Favourite band: The Who

Best experience in life: Working with Great White Sharks

I first was fascinated by Sharks as a youngster like most people who have seen the 'Jaws' movie it had a huge impact on me. As a child I was always visiting the Shark tanks first whenever I went to the aquarium. As I grew older my interest grew in Sharks reading any book I could find on the subject and watching any documentary broadcasted. I just wanted to find out and learn as much as I possibly could! Then in 2002, my dream came true taking a vacation to south africa and diving with the most awesome animal (in my opinion) in the world. After my first bencounter with the Great White Shark, I just knew this was where my future was heading. Towards the end of 2002, I moved to South Africa where I was priveleged to meet Michael Scholl, founder and shark researcher for the White Shark Trust. Mike and I developed a mutual bond and respect for one another and one main focus in life to educate people about these magical animals. Having returned from japan, I have now become actively involved in the UK raising awareness through seminars, raising funding and support from small to large corporate companies. The future plans are to get more people aware about these animals and to work in the education and protection of these animals before its to late! A World Awareness Tour is in the pipeline and further lectures. Any one can help by spreading a positive message about Sharks, it's time to make a change before its to late!

Take care, Christian.