Red Hill, Act, Australia


Toronto, Canada

On Monday the 27th of March 2006, we had our first shooting day on board Shark Fever of Marine Dynamics with Great White Sharks at Dyer Island.
Swen Baubardt - Sound Technician
Markus Lanz - RTL Explosiv presenter
From left to right: Thando Mpini, Anthony Melley (Marine Dynamics) and Burkhard Neesen
Markus Lanz and Elena Bruhn
Ulf Goesse - Tauch Center Nordhorn
Juergen van Laer - Cameraman
The local five star Grootbos Lodge welcomed the RTL team to stay in their wonderful lodge in the middle of the private Grootbos Nature Reserve. I would like to thank Grootbos Nature Reserve Lodge, and especially the owners Michael and Tertius Lutzeyer, for their generous and friendly welcome.