For one week, from Saturday the 25th of March till Saturday the 1st of April 2006, Michael Scholl was busy with a German film crew of RTL, the Explosiv television magazine.
The presenter of the Explosiv program is Markus Lanz, and he was accompanied by producer Elena Bruhn, cameraman Juergen Van Laer, sound technician Swen Baubardt, dive instructor and rebreather specialist Ulf Goesse, and Burkhard Neesen.
They arrived at Cape Town International Airport on Saturday the 25th of March at five in the morning, and after droping all the gear at the hotel in Cape Town, we went for a quick visit to Campsbay beach, and then we visited the Shark World museum in the South African Museum, where they filmed an interview with Dr. Leonard Compagno and Michael Scholl.
In the afternoon of Saturday the 25th of March, we then drove to Table View to film interviews with an incredible backdrop over the Cape Town bay and Table Mountain...

On Sunday the 26th of March 2006, we were filming in the Two Oceans Aquarium in the V&A Waterfront. Markus Lanz was diving in the Predator Tank with a multitude of fish from the Atlantic Ocean, among which some docile Ragged Tooth Sharks. I would like to thank the Two Oceans Aquarium for their kind and accommodating welcome and their support during this documentary, as they opened their doors early for us.