The White Shark Trust Field Research Assistantship is proud to introduce you to our assistants:

Anna PEZALLA (Oak Park, Illinois, USA), Benjamin WESTROPE (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA), Richard P.A. ATKINSON (Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England), and Benjamin De RIDDER (Schotten, Belgium).

On Thursday the 11th of March 2004, we were invited to join the team of Shark Diving Unlimited on the second excursion of their new 40ft Lee Cat Barracuda along with Michael Rutzen (owner - left), Franky Rutzen, Morne Hardenberg (divemaster - below) and Ivan Hardenberg.

I love and I am very proud of our research boat Lamnidae, and I would not want to change boat for anything. But the ride on board Barracuda felt like a change from a Land Rover to a Mercedez, and the space on that new boat is just amazing. Unfortunately, the day was quite a contrast to yesterday... overcast (same), drizzle, cold... and just one White Shark for a very short visit...

Saturday the 13th of March 2004, we were kindly invited to join the Shark Diving Unlimited team on board Barracuda... Hoping to be able to dive with White Sharks... The wind was blowing and it was a fresh day... Much better Shark day than two days ago, but they remained very shy, except for a four meter White Shark who stayed around the boat for 10 minutes. We observed six Sharks today!
Michael Rutzen

Owner of Shark Diving Unlimited

Morne Hardenberg

Divemaster and Shark Guide

Ivan Hardenberg


The huge cage on board Barracuda welcomes up to four people
Ben and Richard

in Shark Alley / Dyer Island

Geyser Rock & Shark Alley

Cape Fur Seal colony / White Shark MacDonald